Wild Card Past Nominees!

You may notice that when voting opens this year for cam model nominees the site also allows fans to vote for nominees from the year prior. Here is why? Sometimes we miss the top performers and this allows past nominees who were not nominated by us to get noticed againa and compete. We call this the Wild Card Nominations. Wild card nominations are those from a previous year. These are all open to voting for the current year as well.

Adult Webcam Awards 2017 Show

Adult Webcam Awards 2nd Chance Wild Card Nominees

Of course the model must still be active on a participating site and must also be on cam at least 1 time every 30 days in the leadup 6 months to the Adult Webcam Awards Show.

So rememeber if we miss you as a nominee this year but you were nominated last year you can promote your prior years nomination and if you end up in the top 5 voting you can move onto the 2nd round!