Around here we have a general rule. That rule is never stoop to the level of others and go negative, no matter what. Respect is part of our core values and we’ll never variate from those core values, but today I am asking for your help.




We need to communicate with you that we are encountering cyber-stalkers and there are commercial interests behind these cyber stalkers.

Specifically and most recently there has been a @FraudFinders Twitter account spreading ridiculous false nonsense.

@FraudFinders on Twitter is an account with NO REAL WEBSITE that is trying to cause an event that celebrates all our hard work, harm. This account was started and is operated by someone who plans to launch a similar Awards / Conference event and their sole purpose is to start a smear campaign targeted at Adult Webcam Awards.

I also want to share that this Twitter account is just the latest cyber stalker account and that we have had 3 such stalker accounts in the last 3 months. These 3 Twitter accounts were created by the same individual, but each with different lies in the Tweets sent to performers.

Here is a screen shot of the last fake account that thanks for professional models like you we ran off Twitter:

Fake Twitter accounts posing as the Adult Webcam Awards

Fake Twitter accounts posing as the Adult Webcam Awards

YES, to most performers it has been obvious that @FraudFinders is a competitor merely trying to scare away nominees and participants. However, a few have had concerns based on the utterly absurd claims made by this account. We have done our best and will continue to do out best to individually reply to any real questions or concerns. However, when you see this accounts absurd message please scan it for FACTS, then cross check the facts.

Here is the SUPPOSED WATCHDOG account reporting that Adult Webcam Awards and Adult Webcam Conference is not legitimate. NOTE: All the real tweets from this account are images direct to nominees in the Adult Webcam Awards. See below. 

@FraudFinders twitter

@FraudFinders twitter


Twitter cyber stalker

(Twitter cyber stalker) Does that look like a legitimate WATCHDOG ACCOUNT? Thank you. 

I want to make it abundantly clear that:

  • This Twitter account that has no real watchdog objective AT ALL. 
  • The whole @FraudFinders account was created to smear Adult Webcam Awards. @FraudFinders DID NOT EXIST BEFORE ADULT WEBCAM AWARDS LAUNCHED. The account started a smear campaign then looked for a few legitimate news stories about fraud, tweeted those, then came back to smearing us; the sole purpose of this fictitious business.
  • This Twitter account does not even have a REAL WEBSITE. Check and you will see that this is in fact that case.

Someone who clearly has nothing better to do has logged into Twitter and created a totally fake watchdog account, titled it at @FraudFinder and created some ridiculous press release with wild and untrue claims.

That is exactly what has happened and we know exactly who did it. For the most part these Tweets have actually backfired and gotten us more exposure. That will continue to be the case as we move forward.

What @FraudFinders (our cyber stalker is doing…)

This accounts only goal is to literally lurk around, follow us, then follow nominees and Tweet them to try to discredit AdultWebcamAwards and YOU as a participant.

  • Ask yourself does is any make sense that some strange Twitter account is spending 10 hours a day contacting all participants? Why would @FraudFinders do that? Hmm…GEE I WONDER.
  • Ask yourself why would @FraudFinders block us on Twitter if they were trying to help you? When we first saw the account we DM’d to ask if there was a question. That got us blocked.
  • Lastly, ask yourself what sort of a watchdog group is also promoting cam shows? SEE BELOW….

Thank you to dozens of professional entertainers for bringing this sham Twitter account to our attention. Thanks to your diligence we have been aware of it since the account opened (just to target us) nearly a month ago. We have reported the account to Twitter just the same as many many models continue to do. You can also do so here and we would ask that you do so.

Again, just so you know this is the 3rd cyber stalker that Adult Webcam Awards has encountered since our launch. Another fake twitter accounts 2 months ago also claimed that the events were not real, had no venue, and that nominees had to actually sell tickets to the awards for the awards show to happen. That is ludicrous. 

Models like you chased this account off Twitter. We’d llike your help doing the same with @FraudFinders.

The Adult Webcam Awards are already a HUGE SUCCESS and that’s why the entire industry is paying such close attention. They will continue to be a HUGE SUCCESS and major announcements are coming. So far over 20,000 REAL VOTES have been cast and 200 NOMINEES across all the major platforms have participated. That has never been done before and it’s just the start of what is to come. The Adult Webcam Awards Show is set to be the biggest event ever held in the Adult Webcam Industry. The Adult Webcam Conference gets more and more support each and every day! People are booking hotels and buying tickets more than 6 months in advance.

So you tell me. is it REAL? You bet your ass it’s REAL. We and our sponsors are writing the checks and TOGETHER WE ARE ALL MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Lastly, just a special message to our cyberstalker on Twitter @FraudFinders.

“You are making an ass of yourself if your goal is to discredit these events because it has and will continue to backfire. Your Tweets are actually promoting the events and refocusing even more attention on the events which in turn is leading to a wider audience. SO A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU! We’ll personally buy you a glass of wine at the ‘FERRY DUST’ events.”.



“Until then maybe you should find something productive to do with your time.”    



 -The Hardworking Staff, AdultWebcamAwards.com

Thank you assholes

Thank you

Please, if you will take a minute and report this abuse by @FraudFinders to Twitter using the fast and simple form here.