Get More Votes (TIPS AND TRICKS!)

Come on now, who are we to tell cam models how to promote.  You models are BEASTS when it comes to Social Media! You truly own this realm. However, newer cam models or those of you who have not yet discovered your secret social media powers; I am today sharing some tips and tricks for you to get more votes in the First Annual Adult Webcam Awards™.

Realize this is true winner takes all, totally fan controlled awards process. You get more votes and you win. PERIOD. END OF STORY. Yes, we have sponsors but they buy exposure they don’t influence the winners. The Adult Webcam Awards ™ are a true raw measure of your fan power and popularity in the world of Live Webcams. 



  • Share your nomination on Facebook. Remind your fans that each comment on your nomination page at Adult Webcam Awards counts as a vote!
  • Use your Nomination banner or badges and share this Nomination with your fans! (Make sure though to share the url of your nomination page though so that they are directed right to your page to vote!)

    Adult Webcam Awards Badge for Nominees to use on sites and social media pages.

    Adult Webcam Awards Badge for Nominees to use on sites and social media pages.

  • Use the Adult Webcam Awards Twitter Header (left click on mouse, save, then upload on as your header on Twitter) and add your nomination page url in Tweets. See how Sammy Brooks does it below…

    @sammybrooks69 on Twitter. Example of using header. You can also take our logo and make your own header. YOU ARE AN OFFICIAL NOMINEE WHEN NAMES A NOMINEE ON THE SITE.

    @sammybrooks69 on Twitter. Example of using header. You can also take our logo and make your own header. YOU ARE AN OFFICIAL NOMINEE WHEN NAMES A NOMINEE ON THE SITE.


Here is our latest header as well. Clean and classy! (Center it once you upload)

live adult cam awards Twitter headerAdult Webcam Awards Banner

  • Add a page to you personal website titled, ‘Awards’. Feature your nomination badge on the page and then link to your nomination directly. This way you can share your nomination and your website all in one tweet or Facebook update. (You can also use a pop-under plugin to drive more traffic to your nomination)



EXAMPLE from using her personal website to get more votes!

  • Check out our friends over at or and consider adding your nomination there as well for even more katyannmilf has. Example below:
Promoting your live webcam show to get more votes takes just a hour or so to get as many votes as you can throughout the year.

Promoting your nomination will get you a lot more votes than just kicking back and hoping for the best!

GET EVEN MORE VOTES AND EXPOSURE: Make a quick 15 minute YouTube video and post it on YouTube! This is a SUPER GOOD IDEA and helps you get more subscribers on YouTube as well. Simply title your video like this:

-Vote for______ as Top (insert nomination or category) Cam Model.

-Then share your message and then add this text under video:

Hi everyone. Please vote me for_____ for (insert your nomination or category) then share the link to vote.

Lastly, make sure to also use YouTube tags. Examples: Top Milf Cam Model, Top New Webcam Model, Best Cam Model etc…

I should also mention there are lots of other creative ways to get more votes. For example Sammy Brooks shared her nomination on her Blog Talk Radio Doll House Radio


Heidi then links direct to her nomination page.

And another top model video promo example


There is more to the story here to the Adult Webcam Awards site! It’s not just another website saying you are the best of the best, it’s much more. So in case you have not heard yet, the Adult Webcam Awards ™ is part of joint production with significant backing to make sure this Awards event is the best event of it’s kind. The Adult Webcam Awards ™ is being planned in concert with a new Adult Webcam Conference; a conference focused on Shining the Light on the Stars of the Show; Live Web Cam Models.

This new Adult Web Cam Conference and Expo is not just for those on the business side of things either, but in fact for the entire adult webcam industry while centered around the stars of the show; CAM MODELS. It is a conference truly focused on helping cam models develop their skills and better manager their business while also being a true showcase of the best of the best in the Adult Webcam Industry!

As a result, Adult Webcam Awards™ is working closely with this upcoming Adult Webcam Conference and Expo to produce an Awards Show that is unparallelled in the live webcam entertainment industry.

With that being said, let me share another way we will help you get more votes. If you take 15 minutes and do a 15 second video then post it on your own YouTube channel we will add that to our own TWEET ROTATION. Hence we will promote your nomination. You can also expect to see your nomination promo videos featured on the Conference YouTube channel, as featured videos of Nominated Cam Models on the Adult Webcam Awards Show, part of the Annual Conference Celebrating the Top Industry Talent! Just drop a note to or to share the url of the video after it is posted. It’s that easy.

Please make sure to subscribe to the Conference YouTube Channel and follow the Conference for Cam Models on Twitter and keep your eyes peeled as we announce more sponsors over coming days and weeks.



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