LiviaChoice of ImLive Nominated for, ‘Top Cam Model 2017’

Please help us welcome LiviaChoice from ImLive adult webcams as a nominee for, ‘Top Cam Model ‘ and, ‘Social Media Cam Star‘. This standout live webcam performer has earned 8 Hall of Fame Badges and has been rated by over 12,688 guests. She’s clearly a top achieving cam model. You can catch for a private live show here. You can also follow her on Twitter @LiviaChoiceXXX.

UPDATED: Congratulations on being named Top Cam Girl 2017 Winner of Best Overall Adult Webcam Performer; Livia Choice!

We caught up to LiviaChoice to learn more about her and this is what she shared with us…

“I have been camming for 6 years now, I am online every day on ImLive, the first and only site I have worked for. My first reason to start was to pay my studies. I keep in the business because I see it as the best way to expresses my artistic side, respecting my limits and my mental health, just like an exercise of my freedom and my self-esteem. I am working hard to have a voice in the Adult Industry. Being a WebCam Model it’s much more complex than meets the eye. It’s not as simple as just undressing in front of the camera to make money and requires much more than just a sexy body.  If it was, all the good looking girls would be successful, and it’s not what happens at all.  In my personal opinion, the models’s attitude is the key of success in this business. That’s why I also see this job as an intellectual activity.” – LiviaChoice

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LiviaChoice of ImLive webcams

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LiviaChoice nominated for, ‘Top Cam Model 2017

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