Official Twitter Hashtag for 2015 #AdultWebcamAwards

We have experienced a truly phenomenal level of support and feedback since kicking off of the first annual Official Adult Webcam Awards ™. The reception has been even greater than we could imagined. As a matter of fact there has been so much interest that there is a temporary backlog of nominations that we’ve yet to be able to get posted. Rest assured all nominations will be posted over coming days and weeks.

The Official Hashtag of the Adult Webcam Conference and Awards Show. #AdultWebcamAwards

The Official Hashtag of the Adult Webcam Conference and Awards Show. #AdultWebcamAwards

However, today we just wanted to take a moment to thank all our cam models friends across all leading platforms and across the adult webcam industry. Thank you for appreciating the process that we are going through now in order to assemble a well orchestrated open tent, Adult Webcam Awards Show; an awards show that gives cam models the opportunity to be recognized for there accomplishments as well as an opportunity to meet other top industry achievers.

As things heat up in the Adult Webcam Awards process we want to ask for your help sharing our official Twitter Hashtag; #AdultWebcamAwards.

The reason why we want your help establishing and using a industry shared #AdultWebcamAwards Hashtag is because it represents more than just a collection of words bur rather demonstrates the collectively social media sway that cam models have. We want to make it clear just how big the live adult webcam industry is and that Live Adult Webcams don’t take the backseat to anything else.THE POINT IS, THE MODELS ARE THE SHOW. Collectively, the Cam Model Community represents a colossal number of people from around the globe. According to some estimates,just right here in the United States,there are now more people performing on live webcams then their are full-time private school teachers.

Stop to think if you will about what that means as far as your collective community reach and how large the live webcam industry really has become. As the industry continues to mature it should takes it’s rightful place in the limelight and be at the front of the adult entertainment business. However, in order to get there, there must be more organized resources for cam models and more of a collective effort to establish the industry as an even legitimate profession. As part of that process there must be recognition of the industries top achievers.

Which brings us to our point…

We are excited share our partnership with the new Adult Webcam Conference, a Conference focused on the Stars of the Show; Cam Models! This Conference & Expo which plays host to the First Annual Adult Webcam Awards Show is set to bring together the business side of the adult webcam industry as well as the stars of the show; Cam Models. Stay tuned for details about the Adult Webcam Conference, The Conference for Cam Models. Details on speakers,educational tracks, training sessions, networking opportunities and more are set to be released soon. Please make sure to follow @CamConference on Twitter as well.

When sharing nominations please consider using the Official Adult Webcam Awards Hashtag: @AdultWebcamAwards


1. Cam Model Nominee Badges for All 18 Categories are now live here.

2. Site / Industry Nominee Badge are now live here as well.

3. We’ll be announcing more industry leading platforms as sponsors shortly!

Lastly, we leave the vote button live on all posts to show you how easy it is to vote for your favorite live internet performers.

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