Updates for 2017!

Just a few updates we wanted to remind everyone about. First off let me apologize about the unplanned freeze in updates from mid September – November 10th. In the 2nd week of September my wife and I realized every parents worst nightmare; our 2-year-old son was diagnosed with Leukemia. Our little warrior is recovering well now. Thank god! However, as you can imagine we’ve taken all of our time to spend with him. This years online events will be scaled back as well. It goes without saying, but being a husband and a father first at this delicate time must be a priority over other responsibilities. Nevertheless please accept my personal apologies that we’ve been unable to tend to all emails and potential nominations this year.

We do have lots of powerhouse names as nominees and huge new and super talented cam models as nominees this year; and the voting has been heavy for 4 months now!

2nd Annual Adult Webcam Awards 2017

2nd Annual Adult Webcam Awards 2017

Secondly, performer nominations are now closed for this year except for those we have that are complete and submitted before today. If you see new nominations published from today forward they are those submitted before the cutoff; nominees which also had all the complete details in as well.

There are a number of business categories opening very soon as well which is super exciting!

Lastly, as noted on the key dates page at Adult Webcam Awards ™ winners will be announced online here at AdultWebcamAwards.com January 14th 2017. Again the Adult Webcam Awards ™  show is online only this year.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! There is no need to travel to Vegas, which frankly is pretty tough for models who are focused on their business activities anyway. Camming in Vegas is pretty tough to pull off as well.

 Adult Webcam Awards Trophy

2017 Adult Webcam Awards Updates – AWA

For those who were looking forward to the physical awards show, we do expect that the physical awards show and possibly the conference will be back for the 2017 – 2018 calendar year with changes, but in the meantime the AWA is a virtual celebration of the top cam models.

Frankly this online only aspect has some HUGE advantages. Specifically, the costs of having the Las Vegas event are very high and that makes event organizers have to go beg for event sponsors. With sponsors, the expectations of winning are high.

I don’t need to elaborate on this, everyone who knows the adult entertainment industry knows EXACTLY WHAT WE MEAN. Were super excited about not offering sponsorship this year. We’ve given away logo placements to some of the top partners in the industry and there will be no other placements this year. We’re choosing some of the top adult cam sites and businesses to advertise free.

I should also mention that holding an event that is 100% free for cam models (as we had wanted to do this year) is very challenging considering the event is mostly catered to be a professional development conference. Unfortunately, we found that it was very hard to sell the value of this to a number of the largest adult webcam sites this past year. If the conference aspect to the Adult Webcam Awards returns next year, their will be a reasonable fee for models and for tables. However, we are also looking at taking the awards show to the tropics and having a physical awards show in a more exotic location outside of the United States. If this is the direction we go, this would be an awesome getaway for those who have worked hard and can afford to hang with the best! Our top cam model of the year would of course have an all expense paid trip. For now, since it’s a non-issue this year we will leave it at this; there is some planning going on with select leading cam sites. 

For the time being, instead of a costly January Las Vegas show, we’re totally focused on making Adult Webcam Awards more cam model centered. Specifically we want to adjust the Awards and voting system for 2018 to be more based on the cam modeling communities input instead of what everyone else is doing.

With that being said I am very happy to share that next year AWA will introduce peer voting via CammerZ.com the Social Network for Cam Models.

This will be a first for the adult webcams industry and YES, cam models will have the ultimate say about WHO THE TOP CAM MODELS ARE! They will also heavily sway the voting for the best adult webcam site. Details will be announced on this in early 2018.

Few housekeeping notes:

  1. Remember, we have dual tracking methods in place for AWA votes and so some of those who have run up votes public have done so in a fashion that will change in their final vote tallies when we calculate votes that count and announce the winners. This means of course that just because someone appears to have the most votes online, they in fact do not.
  2. We do realize sometimes it’s overzealous fans and so were not saying anyone tried to cheat. Never 🙂
  3. Trophies for this year will be available to order on an easy to use trophy order page. The costs are minimal and its a great present to yourself to recognize your accomplishments and industry recognition!
  4. Adult Webcam HALL OF FAME will have 10 total inductions this year. Their will not be nominees. Inductees will be named the same day the winners are. This is being done to recognize the people who have thus far shaped an industry that is now larger than the recorded porn business; a business we might add that is totally different in every regard than live cams! (Shout out to AVN = Adult Video News, if you are or want to be porn star or see porn stars that is the place to go.) Adult Webcam Awards™ is the place for LIVE adult webcam stars. 

That’s it for now.


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