Updates on Cash & Prizes

Updates on Cash & Prizes for The First Annual Adult Webcam Awards & Contest

The organizing side of the 1st Annual Adult Webcam Awards ™ has been a true pleasure to be part of and even though we experienced a few jealous saboteurs circling the the First Annual Adult Webcam Awards ™ and our hosting event the Adult Webcam Conference; that certainly won’t stop those of us who like to celebrate our hard work and accomplishments from doing so.

YES, besides the highly coveted recognition associated with winning the First Annual Adult Webcam Awards and being crowned the best in your profession, at The Adult Webcam Conference we actually also plan to give away some cold hard cash and great prizes as well! With that in mind today we want to share our first update on categories that offer cash prizes.

At the current time we are thrilled to share that these 2 categories of the Adult Webcam Awards come with a cash prize for the winners! The design of the Adult Webcam Awards cash prizes are to ensure that victors in the top categories aren’t having to put out any of their own money to attend the celebration! Their ability to be part of the planned Awards Dinner and related events is important. Find complete details on the conference at the links below or learn more about the prizes on the prize page below.

2. Top Overall Adult Webcam Model Prize

*Due to the generous support of our sponsors The Nominee with the Most Votes for ‘Best Overall Adult Webcam Model’ will receive $1,000.00 cash!’

Are you the Top New Cam Model in the Adult Webcam Industry?

Are you the Top New Cam Model in the Adult Webcam Industry?

1. Best New Cam Model Prize

*Due to the generous support of our sponsors The Nominee with the Most Votes for ‘Best New Cam Model’ will receive $1,000.00 cash!’

The Coveted Mark of the Very Best in the Adult Webcam Industry

Who is the Top Adult Webcam Model of 2015?

*Please see complete details on the prizes page. You must be nominated in 1 of the above categories, get the most UNIQUE IP (genuine) votes in that category, in addition to attending Adult Webcam Conference Awards show to win this prize.THERE IS NO COST FOR WINNERS TO ATTEND THE AWARDS SHOW OR THE CONFERENCE IF THEY HAD NOT ALREADY PURCHASED TICKETS. You are still eligible to win the contest but will not win the cash if you do not attend the Awards Show Dinner. 

Remember to use the nominee badges here to get more votes.

How about an amazing party, being crowned the best at what you, and a THOUSAND BUCKS!

How about an Amazing Awards Show Party, Being Crowned the Best in your Profession, and a THOUSAND DOLLARS to throw at the tables!

While an extra grand might help offset some expenses or pad your bank account, you can make it a weekend to remember as well during the Adult Webcam Conference, where YOU WILL BE THE STAR OF THE SHOW and ENHANCE YOURSELF PROFESSIONALLY!

(Learn more about the First Annual Adult Webcam Awards Show here.)

Lastly, as always we want to make sure you all understand how voting works. Below is an example of the vote button. Facebook comments on nomination pages from unique people (must be real accounts) also count as an extra vote, so share often on your Facebook page!

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