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Adult Webcam Awards 2021 – On Hiatus (What’s Next for AWA?!)

Adult Webcam Awards were the original cam girls’ awards. We burst onto the scene in 2016 as one of the original sites to recognize the true talents that existed within today’s modern webcam girl phenomenon. The ladies that rock this shit; those that laid the foundations and the new rising cam girls stars; we featured them all, it was a real best of sex cams!

UPDATED: In 2021 AWA returned with the list of the best webcam sites and top internet models.

AWA was the place where all the best cam girls and top sex webcam sites were recognized. Check out the featured Cam Girls of the Week in 2020

Oh, what fun we had together.

The Best Cam Girls? No, It Was More Like Capturing the Spirit of the Profession!

The fact is then recognition for top cam girls were nowhere to be found.

Cam girls were like token black guys of live porn; they did all the work at live sex cam sites but got no recognition outside of money they earned powering live sex cams.

Back when AWA launched cam girls were massively engaged and cams sites were also beating down the doors to be involved.

cam girls
The best cam girls’ concept was really more about the joy of the experiences had by all and just recognizing the collective efforts of cam girls. WE DID THAT SHIT JUSTICE! We’re pleased.

However, it was fucking ridiculous how they bounced around on giving support one minute and then not the next. Really, the affiliate model of business was the only way to sustain a blog of sorts recognizing the top cam girls with giving fans the ability to vote on their faves. However, that just didn’t fucking cut it to do things on the level we did.

Meanwhile, everyone and their fucking friend had gripes and nobody wanted to host it; they preferred to copy it. 🙂

Hey, it’s flattering tho!

…And We Are Pleased with the Effect AWA Caused

With the success, we had over a few years came B.S. politics, hurt feelings, high emotions, and just too many fucking headaches and catfights.

Will AWA rise from the ashes again? Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell.

The point is…

We were proud of what we did then together. Currently, we are taking a REALLY LONG break; we are just not ready or willing to dedicate the time and resources to the level we have in the past without financial support from cam sites.

Nobody ever attempted to do an individual handwritten cam girl profile as posts for each nomination; that was the spirit of what we did and that makes all the difference; at least in our mind. We were also the first to publish a full feature cam girls magazine.

To do it right, takes lots of time, patience, and motivation.

That said, our work lives on as an influence in some of the work of others to this day.

Also now that XBIZ has copied the general business it has just been a great time for us to focus on the things we do best in the live cam space. Like the adult webcam conference in Las Vegas that AWA also orchestrated, there became a time when it was best that too was discontinued.

The cam girl awards (AWA) were the heart and soul and vision behind it all though, so we carried on with them until 2018 until we no longer had the time to do all that is involved.

We are proud of what we accomplished in the cam space and we feel that we brought positive attention to top cam girls and helped move the porn industry forward though; to be a space where its entirely clear live sex is the driving force in porn today.

live porn
Live porn has changed not just the way adults interact with porn but also sexual habits. Now it’s time for the new…

Mission Accomplished – At Least For Now

Likewise were equally proud of telling the brand stories of some of the Best cam site before they reached their current milestones.  

What some of you may not know is we operate some of the most useful guides comparing all the best sex cam sites and that is our full-time business.

AWA was also super fun before it got political and while we never really made money from this project, for us and that was never the primary goal. The goal was that cam girls’ talents were recognized as the performers that lead in the live porn industry.

The litany of porn and sex awards out there now too many to count and while it’s not a perfect system it’s ok and as far as we’re concerned it will have to do.

And sure, FUCK YES we always loved to share that some of the cam girls working in sex cams are hotter than the girls on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Ask any guy that jerks off on the internet and he will most certainly agree. Cam girls are hotter than porn stars. Or maybe they are the new porn stars? We will leave that up to you to decide.

UPDATED NOTE: Since we posted this like 23 guys have messages asking who the cam girl is featured on this post. She is a rising star and at one of the genuinely free sex cams sites! Her name is marta_coy a new Latvian and super cute webcam girl on

marta_coy one of the latest Chaturbate new cam girl sensations…

Here she is again. Anyway, getting back to what we were saying…

AWA is on Hiatus though! That’s the skinny.
AWA still features some of the best cam girls
AWA still features some of the best cam girls just no more contests!

The great thing about hiatus is you can come back when you want. OR NOT.

And YES.

Sure! We have actually considered doing a year dedicated to a specific webcam site to make it fresh and fun again and perhaps on down the line we may do that.

Such as the, ‘top Chaturbate cam girls’, or perhaps just for fun, LiveJasmin Sexiest Women!

Or perhaps a Hottest ImLive Girls showcase year even? Or maybe even, ‘The Best of Streamate!’.

Who knows, maybe it will happen; maybe it won’t.

Or maybe this cowboy will just ride off into the sunset. Like so many of those webcam girls that used adult cams as a launchpad for other endeavors in this space or another; we to, might continue to do to the same.

It’s been a fun ride, seeing live video chat become what it has!


Since we own the fucking domain and we love to jerk off to sexy webcams girls as much as our readers we still do plan to occasionally write about the sexiest webcam girls. So be on the lookout for special features and in-depth showcases of standout live webcam girls.

Also, remember we have some trustworthy non-bias cam site reviews. If you REALLY want to know where to get the best deals and have the most fun with webcam models read those reviews on most popular sex webcam sites.

Please take note that the old categories we used to use for year-over-year voting we’ve sorta morphed into all-time best cam girls based on niches. Voting never closes; just like porn cams!

We love kinky live porn as much as you, so remember to pop on through here from time to time to see some of the best live porn cams shows from our vantage point.

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