Who can participate & how

Who can participate:

A. Everyone must be over 18 years age to use this site.

B. Those who can use this site can participate, providing they are over 18!

C. As an adult cam model you can submit yourself or anyone else can nominate you.

We do require that live entertainers are ACTIVE and that they are not using the awards as merely self-promotion for other modeling ventures. Specifically to remain the nomination process we do verify that you have done a show at some time in the last 90 days. Inactive periods longer than 90 days at any time during the nomination and awards process excludes a model unless there is a medical reason for that absence.

D. As a consumer of adult cam entertainment you can submit any adult cam model and vote on nominations including any nominations you submit. However, that model will first have to opt-in.

Here is the current year’s list of the best webcam sites.


See full details here. Follow @AdultCamAwards on Twitter and tweet @AdultCamAwards

Please allow 1-7 days for any new nominations you submit.


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