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It’s no secret that nearly all of the adult webcam sites have a link to their top new cam girls front and center on the home page and for the 4th year in a row, we went on an exhaustive year-long hunt for the top new cam girls across the most visited live sex cams sites.

List of Nominees for Hottest New Cam Models

Top New Cam Girls 2022
Top New Cam Girls 2022

Most people might not realize it but literally, hundreds of women start as cam modeling each day and just a handful of them last past the first month.

Of those that stick around, some new cam girls truly become very popular very quickly because they enjoy being a cam girl and are great at marketing themselves as well as are focused on gaining dedicated fans and followers!

Each year all platforms have a small pool of super talented, sexy new cam girls.

This pool represents typically around 1500 new cam girls who could also lay claim to the possibility of being a top new cam girl.

That said AWA is fan-powered and it is fans like you that share with us just the very best sexy new cam girls.

Of these fan submissions, we only select about 1 in 10 as a nominee in AWA.

…And of course,

new cam girls
new cam girls

there can be just 1 winner for ‘Top New Cam Girl‘ for 2022 and now the time has come for you the fans to select the Best New Webcam Girl.

Get behind your favorite new webcam girls (figuratively) and promote their nomination in the Adult Webcam Awards.


Together we will discover the TOP NEW CAM GIRLS! 

This rankings table is updated instantly with the latest vote tally.

New Cam Girls Command the Most Eyeballs on Cam Sites.

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