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UPDATE: As of September 14th 2017 Adult Webcam Awards has gone to being an online only event due to Adult Webcam Conference 2017 being postponed / cancelled.

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Ron Lee, Organizer

Thank you for taking the time to visit!

Hello. My name is Ron Lee and I am the Organizer of the Annual Adult Webcam Awards ™. The Adult Webcam Awards ™ are the first established live adult webcam industry awards, which were first introduced as a concept in 2014.

Alexis Park Resort hosted the 2016 Adult Webcam Conference

Alexis Park Resort hosted the 2016 Adult Webcam Conference

In 2015 – 2016 we had a fabulous first year show which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada at Alexis Park Resort.

It was a great success! Some of the biggest names in live webcam modeling and all the top adult webcam companies were represented by owners, ceo’s, marketing representatives and model support staff.

In 2017 we will build on that first-year success but we are now focusing on being a neutral online only recognition system for top live webcam performers.

The Adult Webcam Awards ™ are a method to independently recognize the finest in adult webcam entertainers & sites. It’s a celebration of all their hard work and is a highly anticipated online event in the Adult Webcam Industry.

For those who may be aware of it, live webcams are the fastest growing sector of the adult entertainment industry. Our goal is to recognize the best of the best in the adult webcams industry. Likewise we are proud to say that Adult Webcam Awards gets a massive volume of online visitors as well. Last year some 48,000 original votes were cast across 30+ categories and over 2 million organic page views were captured at the AWA’s website. (right here). There is no other online event that gets as much online buzz and votes as the Adult Webcam Awards.




Our goal is to conduct ourselves in a way that helps to foster respect for live webcam performers and the adult webcam industry as a whole. Accordingly the focus of our events is encouraging professionalism while celebrating excellence and encouraging education in the adult webcams industry. Respect for the privacy of live entertainers is and will always be paramount.

Naturally, we always get permission from live webcam entertainers before sharing fan nominations. We respect your property. Please do realize though that we are, at times encountering fake emails posing as cam models. Fans are often overly eager to be responsible for your nomination. The same occurs with fake Twitter accounts that often pose as you and grant us unauthorized permission.

If that is the case, once it is brought to your attention, we will of course immediately remove your nomination if you do not want to participate in the Adult Webcam Awards.

However, we do want to make sure that you are aware of the fact that we get over 300,000 page views a month at Adult Webcam Awards from search and incoming links alone. We also buy at least as much in advertising to share and promote the nominees in the Adult Webcam Awards.

As such you stand to get more traffic to your shows and as a result earn more income. Hence we hope that you feel participation is beneficial to you and your brand.

Lastly, we are very aware of the fact that the industry currently faces challenges in establishing more ways to protect our collective content. YOU OWN YOUR CONTENT and WE STAND FIRMLY BEHIND THE LIVE PERFORMER WHEN IT COMES TO CONTENT THEFT.

If for any reason you find your content at Adult Webcam Awards and you decide not to accept your nomination please email me directly so that I can personally handle the matter and see to it that your content is removed immediately.



Sammy Brooks

Organizer, A.W.A. Model Relations. Sammy Brooks

Sammy Brooks, Cam Model & Business Consultant

I am Sammy Brooks 43yr old Milf born in Kansas raised in Seattle but now living in beautiful San Diego. I started in the industry later than most, when I lived in WA state I had a beautiful tanning salon that I loved but things happened I had to close the doors so I was left with no job I started dancing at a club in Seattle and wasn’t really into it and thought that there has to be a better way to make money. So I googled ‘sexy milf working from home’ and wholly biscuits up pops web cam model all over the place.

I started working on another site but I wasn’t feeling it, so I went onto craigslist and again cam model jobs popped up every where. I just picked one and I have been with KGB Studios on Streamate ever since. Camming is definitely my niche I love entertaining my Sex Monsters my fun personality has definitely built my business well of course all the sexiness helps. I have also shot many adult scenes and did very well and worked with lots of amazing men and women but when it comes to the adult industry camming is definitely where I belong I love all the interaction. And don’t be surprised if you hear my country music playing while I am on cam. And don’t miss my live radio shows that air on Mondays 2-3pm EST for Sammy’s Cocktail hour and then Thursday 7-8pm EST for Web Camming with Sammy & Sage where you can learn all you need to know about camming.