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There is a problem with awards shows in the adult industry. We all know what it is. Can you guess? 🙂

Top sponsors have a tendency to become proxy winners in awards shows at industry meetups. The unfortunate reality is show organizers feel the pressure to deliver wins for sponsors. If they do not, sponsors are less apt to sponsor that show in the future. This isn’t rocket science folks and it’s not new either. Whether it is a closed voting system or a panel where sponsors select the judges; the outcome is the same when a few cam sites pay for entire events. We all talk about, isn’t it about time we addressed it?

In 2018 AWA set out to change the structure of Awards in the Adult Cam Industry by reshaping the methods by which cam sites themselves play a role in selecting the top cam sites and top cam models. Each category within the Adult Webcam Awards ™ has 1 ad space that can be purchased. There are NO cam site sponsors. Advertising will be available by category once voting starts. Check back in late Sept. Cam sites can step up to support their performers by getting noticed on categories but AWA is about cam models not cam sites. In case you didn’t know cam sites are only as entertaining as the ENTERTAINERS that perform. Adult Webcam Awards ™ is a phenomenal way to support performers and engage your live adult video chat community in a positive model centric method.

Category Ads cost $1,000.00 except Top Cam Girl, Top Male Cam Model, Most Beautiful Cam, Best New Cam Model, and Best Adult Webcam Affiliate Program. These categories are in open bidding until week 4 of the Voting! HIGHEST BID WINS THE AD SPACE. Bid by using the contact form.

On each category you will see the YOUR AD HERE block. That 300×250 ad block is available on a first come first serve basis. Ads run from the time of purchase until March 1st 2018 when preparations begin for the following year of AWA. Here is an example of a category ad spot.

  • 100% of the purchase price from sole category ad goes to the performer who wins that category!
  • Buy the Category Ad and YOU can proudly say you furnished the Cash Prize for Top Cam Model 2018. (Example). Full list of categories below. Choose a Category and reserve that category!

    Studio Categories

    1. Best Adult Webcam Studio
    2. Best Colombian Adult Webcam Studio
    3. Best Romanian Cam Studio

    The 5 Existing Cash GUARANTEED Awards Categories: (Min prize is $1,000.00 for each of these categories!) That maybe increased up to $5,000.00. Default sponsor is Adult Webcam News ( Bidding is underway now to determine who will claim these category ads!

    1. Top Cam Girl
    2. Top Cam Guy
    3. Top Trans Cam Model
    4. Cam Girl Social Media Super Star
    5. Most Beautiful Cam Girl
    6. Best New Cam Model


    Sponsor-able Ad Categories – Any Sponsor Funds (CATEGORY ADS) Go To Winners in these Categories. (No current cash prize, subject to change.)

    1. Best BBW Cam Model
    2. Best Cam Girls Blog
    3. Big Booty Cam Model of the Year
    4. Best Tattooed Cam Girl
    5. Best Ebony Cam Model
    6. Best Live Lesbians Webcam Show
    7. Best Milf Cam Show
    8. Best Couples Cams Show
    9. Best Masturbation Cam Show
    10. Best Live Oral Sex Cam Show
    11. Best Live Anal Sex Cam Show
    12. Best Foot Fetish Show
    13. Best Dominatrix Cam Show
    14. Best Cam Models Personal Website


    Platform Categories

    1. Best Overall Adult Webcam Site
    2. Best Gay Adult Webcam Site
    3. Best Mobile Adult Webcams
    4. Best New Adult Webcam Site
    5. Best Latin American Adult webcam Site
    6. Best German Adult Webcams Site
    7. Best Russian Adult Webcams Site
    8. Best European Adult Webcams Site
    9. Best Japanese Adult Cams


    B2B Categories

    1. Best White Label Adult Webcams Program
    2. Best Adult Webcam Advertising Company
    3. Best Cams Payment Processor
    4. Best Adult Webcams Affiliate Manager
    5. Best Adult Clips Selling Site
    6. Sexiest Cam Site Rep
    7. Best Adult Webcam Hosting Provider
    8. Best Cam Model Website Designer
    9. Best Adult Cam Affiliate Program
    10. Cams Affiliate Marketer of the Year
    11. Best Adult Webcam Toy Company
    12. Best Virtual Reality Adult Site
    13. Best Cam Model Forum
    14. Top Cam Model Event


  • Simply use the contact form above to buy the PROUD SUPPORTER AD for any category!

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AWA is an Online Only Event.  A HUGE THANK YOU to the Adult Webcam Awards Participating Cam Models & Studio Partners and Site Advertisers! You must be 18 years old to participate and you must be registered on one of the cam sites which AWA is affiliated with. These are listed below. Cam Models agree that we use our own affiliate links and advertisers who are affiliate partners agree that we still use affiliate codes and that the cost of ad purchases is in addition to any earned affiliates via their affiliate program.