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Quietly, tonight, today, this morning, even over lunch breaks people sneak off to watch live cam shows. Live cams are being watched in droves on flat screens in real life size or on smartphones and iPad. Desktops bustle each night with performers from all corners of the globe catering to people’s darkest sexual kinks and fetishes. This is not the future, it’s the current adult entertainment industry. These days it all happens online and is live!

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2022 Adult Webcam Awards
2022 Adult Webcam Awards

Live adult webcams are the adult entertainment industry. Period. Gone are the days that the masses are searching for the names of porn models who they saw in adult videos! These days adult entertainment stars are actually girls and guys next door who perform just for you LIVE. Live webcam models are the porn stars of our era.

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The Top Performers

Estimates vary but according to our sources, there are now some 400,000 adult cam models performing either part-time or full-time. This includes female, male, and trans cam models. This number is expected to double over the next few years and quite frankly the sky is the limit from that point forward as live webcams offer a level of engagement never seen before in the entertainment industry. The porn stars of tomorrow today are in fact your neighbors. Amateur live sex webcams have arrived in everyone’s living room and it’s now even being broadcast directly to your smartphones and even available to stream to smart TVs! You are seeing this happen before your very eyes.

The Adult Webcam Awards

The Adult Webcam Industry Awards™ is in many ways an exercise in democracy. The editor has very little control over what cam models or adult cam sites that people like you decide to nominate and vote for. We merely follow your, the viewer’s directions and post what people bring to us. FROM THEIR YOU, THE VIEWERS MAKE THE DECISIONS!

  • The best performers and sites are chosen annually strictly based on which models and sites get the most votes. . Editorially we merely collect and nominate performers and post nominations sent to us. Our growing following across social media channels does a phenomenal job in sharing the awards.
  • Votes are IP Protected meaning the system cannot be rigged.
  • Yes, we want sponsors but WE DO NOT NEED SPONSORS! Our sponsors like what we do and realize we are impartial. They choose to be involved because they think independent Adult Webcam Awards are a GOOD THING. We have no horse in this race. Everyone wins when the best of the best get their due recognition. 
The Future of Adult Webcams

Industry discussions now center away from porn stars and recorded content instead of on live adult entertainment. ‘Porn stars’ themselves are now turning to live cams in larger numbers. The future is in live webcam entertainment. Stay in tune with the finest adult webcam sites and entertainers with the Official, Annual Adult Webcam Industry Awards.

We also publish the names of the top performers and businesses that serve the adult webcam models via Adult Webcam News.


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