Ashley Haze

Ashley Haze on Streamate Nominated for, ‘Top Live Webcam Model’


Please help us welcome Ashley Haze our latest fan nominee for, ‘Top New Live Webcam Model’. Known as @Ashley_Haze on Twitter, Ashley is in a well established tier of live webcam model who can boast 150+ positive reviews on Streamate. Reviews like this one from dedicated fans…

“Dis gurl be cray cray fo realz. ..:-)”

We also were able to catch up with Ashley to learn more about her and her shows and this is what she shared with us.

“I’ve been an adult webcam model for about three & a half years now. Entertaining just makes me happy, and anyone who has seen a show of mine I think can see that. 🙂 My regulars I consider my homiesssss and my job definitely just a place i know i can have fun and make people smile and cum online. And that for me is enough. I’m just in general a fun loving happy person and I am glad to take part in these awards.”

Find her at her room on Streamate daily. You can vote for this performer below.

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Ashley Haze
Ashley Haze

And again…

Ashley Haze Nominated for, 'Top Live Webcam Model'
Ashley Haze Nominated for, ‘Top Live Webcam Model’

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