Ayamechan (Ayame-chan) Nominated for, ‘Top Adult Cam Model’

Ayamechan (ayame-chan) is our latest fan nominee in the Adult Webcam Awards. This live webcam model is a standout on Chaturbate where she has some 90,000 fans! Mike from Virginia wrote in with this to say about Ayamechan.

“Please make this happen. I know these are not the categories you are looking for but Ayamechan is one in a million. If you have not seen her shows before… do it, do it now.”

Okay, okay Mike! We’ve got you!…and even though their are some categories we are specifically looking for nominees in we are of course thrilled at the level of engagement and still very much adding nominations for all categories. After all there is still 6+ months of voting still!

Here is the nomination for Ayamechan of which I should say we are thrilled to have as a nominee in the Adult Webcam Awards.

You can follow Ayamechan on Twitter @ayamechan30 or watch her on live webcam here. However, as always say on nomination pages please do cast votes in all categories before you go visit the live webcam models.

Ayamechan Nominated for Top Adult Webcam Model
Ayamechan Nominated for Top Adult Webcam Model

And again…



Vote for Ayame-chan by clicking ‘VOTE’ below!

Remember, Facebook comments on nomination pages (like this one) also count as 1 vote each for that entertainer! 

Also you can nominate other cam models here.

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