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Welcome to the official Adult Webcam Awards Poll for the, ‘Best European Adult Webcam Site‘. So first of all let’s talk eligibility for this category. Live cam sites in this category are those best tailored to European consumers.

Things we took into account were the languages offered by the site and total make-up of cam models on the sites as far as localized nationality. We looked for the European adult webcam platforms who widely represented Europe as a whole; as far as where Adult Webcams are most widely used.

Realizing there are 50+ member states commonly referred to as Europe some reasonable parameters had to be set on where adult cams are popular, which best represents European market for Adult Webcams. Current market share as well as how we feel the site is positioned for growth in Europe were also factors in selecting our nominees.

In some cases these live webcam sites focus most of their energies serving European users, while in other cases the sites are top overall global sites with a large amount of models from Europe who speak the languages in the European countries where adult webcams are most popular.

All in all, the category for the top European live cams site represents the best user experiences for those seeking adult webcam entertainment in Europe.

In our assessment France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland is currently where you find the highest concentration of adult webcam consumers across Europe. Therefore, we paid specific attention to the number of models from these countries with our nominations for the ‘Best European Adult Webcam Site‘.

As the old saying goes, “There Can Only be 1 Winner”. Who will it be? Adult Webcam Awards, where the FANS decide. Vote below and make sure to vote for your favorite live webcam models here.

If you have not been a member of any of these sites in the past you can give them a try before you vote as well…

Congratulations to Cam4 on winning the AWA for the Top European Adult Webcam Site for 2016!

 See the current winner now for the Best European Adult Webcam Site of 2017!

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