Best New Adult Webcam Site for 2018 (POLL) Vote Here

Welcome to the Adult Webcam Awards Nominees Announcement and Voting Page for the top NEW adult webcam site for 2018. Voting is now closed for 2018 and the winner in this category was PantyBay!

Best New Adult Webcam Site for 2018

Every year perhaps as many as 100 start-ups at least think their going to create the hottest new live webcam sites. However once reality sets in, of those 100 maybe a dozen ever even make it online. Of that dozen just a few, clearly stand out as possible future popular venues in the adult webcams industry.

This year there were 2 such new adult webcam sites that had years worth noting. Their still tiny in comparison to the large adult webcam platforms, but judging by their performance over the past year they may have a bright future ahead.

For the 2018 Adult Webcam Awards season we have selected these 2 new adult webcam sites as the nominees for, ‘Best New Cam Site’.

Congratulations go to the Winner: PantyBay

If you were instead looking for the category of Best Overall Adult Webcams Site the winner of that category was and the runner-up was

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