Caitie Rage

Caitie Rage Nominated in the 2017 Adult Webcam Awards

Caitie Rage is a 28-year-old Canadian webcam star who we are pleased to share as our latest nominee for both, ‘Best Squirting Cam Show‘ and ‘Social Media Cam Queen‘ in the 2016 – 2017 Adult Webcam Awards.

We were also able to catch up with her and share some background direct from Caitie about how she got started camming. Here is that:

“Being a webcam performer has been one of the greatest adventures I never saw coming. I’ve been doing it since 2011 and it’s given me the power to chase down my dreams and make them a reality. My amazing Rage-A-Holics helped me finally travel to California and Las Vegas so many times and it’s given me the stability to start up my very own radio station, Rager Radio. It’s the outlet for my creativity and the reason I always have a huge smile on my face! Don’t worry everyone, I’m not quitting any time soon.”

You can catch her on Twitter @caitierage or catch her full show here and of course YOU CAN VOTE FOR HER BELOW ON THIS PAGE. Likewise, please don’t forget to peruse the categories and vote for all your favorite live webcam models!

Caitie Rage webcam

And again…

Caitie Rage
Caitie Rage


Facebook comments on this nomination page also count as 1 vote each for this entertainer!  Also you can nominate other cam models here.

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