Cortana Blue

Cortana Blue Nominated for, ‘Top New Adult Webcam Model’

Cortana Blue (@c0rtanablue on Twitter) from Chaturbate is our latest nominee for, ‘Top New Adult Webcam Model’. Besides having a name she’s admitted to hijacking from Halo and according to fans having perhaps, “The best ass on Chaturbate“, Cortana has also raced her way to 78k+ fan/followers on Chaturbate, all in less than a year. 4 or more fan nominations came in before we had a chance to catch up with her and when we did this is what she said about herself and her shows…

“I started caming after dabbling in nude modelling, I’ve always been naked on the internet so I thought I might as well make a career out of it! My shows consist of copious amounts of sarcasm, singing, a little bit of masturbating and a LOT of Drake.”

A class lady with loads of sex appeal, we are pleased to have her as a nominee in the Adult Webcam Awards. You can vote for Cortana Blue on this page. You can also watch Cortana live here. However, as always make sure you peruse all the nominees across the 13+ categories before and vote for all your favorites before you go anywhere.
Cortana Blue of Chaturbate Nominated for, 'Top New Adult Webcam Model'
Cortana Blue of Chaturbate Nominated for, ‘Top New Adult Webcam Model’
And again…
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