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Emma Lovett Triple Nominated in Adult Webcam Awards ™

When we launched Adult Webcam Awards ™ last year we did so because we thought that Webcam Modeling or Internet Modeling was a profession that was a helluva lot more complex than most people realized. Being a cam model at the top level encompasses affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and the ability to really capitalize on all the elements of digital marketing. Besides of course the ability to engage an audience all on your own, the ability to smile at assholes, and the ability to LOOK GOOD NAKED; there is ALLOT MORE to being a webcam superstar than meets the eye. This next cam model is a f—king superstar and one of my personal favorites.

Branding check, looks check, social media check, advertising check. Most recently she’s even been cast in an HBO Documentary Series called, ‘Sex Now’. You can see her at .24 in the preview clip of this HBO documentary below. [youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/KFXgAoQJWnc” title=”Emma%20Lovett%20Live%20Webcam%20Model%20Appearance%20on%20HBO%20Documentary” rel=”0″]

Her name is Emma Lovett and she’s one of my favorite all time cam models. She’s taken guest appearances, raffles, and couples shows to a whole new level and she keeps innovating to grow her fan base. 

She is pictured in the photo below on the right hand site. Emma Lovett is the taller of the two blondes in the photo. Also, her live webcam show on streamate uses the handle emmaeddielovett.

Adult Webcam Superstar Emma Lovett pictured to the right.
Adult Webcam Superstar Emma Lovett pictured to the right. Find her website here.

Rarely if ever have a I gone into a webcam show and thought to myself I could watch this even if I weren’t horny. You know you’ve to a whole new level as a cam model when some of the audience comes for your personality alone and Emma Lovett has the full package! You can visit her show page on here.

You can vote for her as Best Couples Live Webcam Show (With Eddie Lovett), Social Media Cam Model Queen, or Best Overall Adult Webcam Models of 2015 by clicking the vote button below.

Also realize Facebook comments on this nomination page count as votes as well for all model nominations so have your fans chime in on what they like about your shows right here on your nomination page.

Likewise, you can also nominate your favorite cam models here or peruse other nominations here.

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