HONEYxKNOCKERS Nominated for, ‘Top Ebony Live Cam Model’

Thanks goes out Daryll for his fan nomination of HONEYxKNOCKERS on Jasmin.com. HONEYxKNOCKERS is a gorgeous ebony live webcam performer who is on e tear getting new fans and follows since starting as a cam model.

Here is what Daryll had to say about HONEYxKNOCKERS:

“When you first arrive at HONEYxKNOCKERS show of course you are like, wow this lady is gorgeous and of course she is super accommodating in her shows as well. Down for whatever, as they which is great. However, what truly stands out to me is that she is genuinely really sweet and a super nice person as well as a great entertainer! Please nominate HONEYxKNOCKERS!

We are pleased to have HONEYxKNOCKERSas a nominee for, ‘Top Ebony Live Cam Model‘. As we always say, please make sure to place votes in all the categories before you mosey off for any private time with the models. You can find HONEYxKNOCKERSagain under that performer username at Jasmin.com.

HONEYxKNOCKERS Nominated for, Top Ebony Live Cam Model'
HONEYxKNOCKERS Nominated for, Top Ebony Live Cam Model’

To cast a vote for HONEYxKNOCKERS, simply click vote below!

Facebook comments on this nomination page also count as 1 vote each for this entertainer!  Also you can nominate other cam models here.

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