kandykush420 (SmokeyLane) Nominated for, ‘Best New Adult Cam Model’

Smokey Lane aka kandykush420 is a popular new adult webcam model on Chaturbate.com that Tim wrote in to share as his favorite new cam model. With that being said we are happy to share Smokey Lane as our latest nominee for, ‘Best New Adult Cam Model‘.

The great thing about democratic voting is that REAL FANS get to choose for themselves who they think the best of the best are and at Adult Webcam Awards we think that’s the way it should be.

From nominations to winners, it’s perfectly democratic! This is how we do things at the Original Adult Webcam Awards show. There are no special votes for ‘special people’ and there are no complex algorithms to screw models out of recognition that they have rightfully earned. Welcome to the Awards Show that you can’t influence, except with your votes!

With that being said let us welcome KandyKush420 otherwise known as Smokey Lane as our latest hardworking cam model nominee. According to Tim, this sexy and voluptuous 29 year old goes all out, all the time, to entertain her fans and it’s our privilege to highlight her work and give you the fans, your chance to vote for your favorite cam models.

You can watch Smokey Lane is action here or follow her on Twitter @SmokeyxxxLane. However, make sure to vote for all your favorite live cam models across all the categories below before you go!


…and again

SmokeyLane also goes by KandyKush420 (Nominee for, 'Best NEW Cam Model'
SmokeyLane also goes by KandyKush420 (Nominee for, ‘Best NEW Cam Model’

…it’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood too Kandy!

Remember, Facebook comments on this nomination page also count as 1 vote each for this entertainer! 

Also you can nominate other cam models here.

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