Kristin Kavallari

Kristin Kavallari Dual Nominated in Live Adult Webcam Awards

Kristin Kavallari, a model with top modeling agent @kgbstudios is face men everywhere will probably recognize as an often featured front page performer from the home page of More often than not she’s seen doing group gold shows which nearly always meet the goal quickly. This past week both Charlie and Mark wrote in to nominate Kristin Kavallari in two different categories for the Adult Webcam Awards. Those categories were, ‘Best Masturbation Show‘ and ‘Top Overall Webcam Model‘.

We figured it was only a matter of time as Kristin Kavallari username ‘Kristin_Kavallari’ is 25 year old sex pistol, that’s on this teams short list of personal favorites. However, we can’t vote. That means it’s REALLY up to you the fans to see who REALLY are the top internet models! So get your ass our there and vote my friends my friends.

Since the Adult Webcam Awards launched over 300 nomination emails have come in with nearly 70 nominated models featuring some of the top live webcam performers across 10+ of the worlds largest adult webcam sites. And we are just getting started. There are just 11 months to go before the awards show in Las Vegas, make sure to share your favorite live webcam performers and if you are a performer, then share your nomination pages wherever you can so that your fans know that you have been nominated.

Here is a screenshot of Kristin Kavallari. You can also follow here on Twitter @mskavallari. Lastly here a direct link to her live webcam.

Kristin Kavallari Live Webcam Model Nominated in Adult Webcam Awards
Kristin Kavallari Live Webcam Model Nominated in Adult Webcam Awards

Don’t forget to hit the vote button below! Remember, Facebook comments on any models page also count as votes for that model so models who share this page on your Facebook with fans often get more votes. 

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