MarianDiFiore Nominated for, ‘Top Live Webcam Model’

Welcome back the breathtaking MarianDiFiore on LiveJasmin as a nominee for, ‘Best Overall Adult Webcam Model of 2019’.

This performer ranks as one the top overall at LiveJasmin on regular basis; befitting the fact she is a nominee in the AWA’s for a record 3rd year in a row. Her live webcam show is here. In 2018 we caught up with MarianDiFiore to get a few words and she described herself as simply…

“A Colombian webcam model, jewelry designer, lover of pets, totally animalistic, an art lover, and a sensual woman” – MarianDiFiore

You can follow MarianDiFiore on Twitter @mariandifioreLJ or you can catch her on live webcam here but make sure to vote for all your favorite adult webcam performers here at Adult Webcam Awards ™ first. //[psid]=ronnyl&prm[pstool]=205_1&prm[psprogram]=revs&prm[campaign_id]=&subAffId={SUBAFFID}&filters=

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We also link images to each models live webcam show so feel free to click on the images to go pay MarianDiFiore a visit.

MarianDiFiore Nominated for, ‘Top Live Webcam Model’


And again…

MarianDifiore has 4 Lifetime AWA Nominations

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