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Kim (Baby Doll) Nominated for, ‘Top Trans Cam Model’

Please welcome Kim (Baby Doll)  known as thekimbella on Chaturbate, our latest nominee in the First Annual Adult Webcam Awards. Kim (Baby Doll) is a gorgeous Latina and professional model with a large and growing fan base. She also happens to be trans. With some 20k fan followers on Chaturbate you can catch her show here, or follower her on Twitter @BeautifullVega.

We’re thrilled to share Kim (Baby Doll) as a nominee for, ‘Top Trans Live Webcam Model‘.

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kimxxxbella on Tumblr
Kim (Baby Doll) Find her under kimxxxbella on Tumblr as well.

And again…

Kim (Baby Doll) Nominee in the Adult Webcam Awards for Top Live Cam Model
Kim (Baby Doll) Nominee in the Adult Webcam Awards for, ‘Top Live Cam Model’

And again…

Kim (Baby Doll) Webcam Entertainer
Kim (Baby Doll) Webcam Entertainer

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