Zia Fawn-Parker

Zia Fawn-Parker Nominated for, ‘Top Part Time Live Webcam Model’

Please help us welcome Zia Fawn Parker (@ZiasToybox on Twitter) as our latest fan nomination for, ‘Top Part Time Live Webcam Model‘. According to Carter from Portland, Oregon this 25-year-old girl live webcam model from Central Florida is one more of you should know about.  

Here is what the fan nomination for Zia had to say:

“Zia takes sexy sarcasm to a whole new level and that adds so much to her sex appeal….as do the piercings and tats. She’s totally attentive and really enjoys totally engaging personalized shows rather than just pushing through a rehearsed performance, like it seems so many other models tend to do.”

(We should also say that Zia is actually active on a few websites and not just the one that is linked below). Check our her show here and make sure to vote for her below and peruse all the nominees at the category links before you go anywhere! 

Zia Fawn-Parker Nominated for ,'Top Part Time Live Webcam Model'
Zia Fawn-Parker Nominated for ,’Top Part Time Live Webcam Model’

And again…

Zia Fawn-Parker
Zia Fawn-Parker

UPDATE: You can also find more hot photos and videos from Zia at her personal website here: ziafawnparker.com

Facebook comments on this nomination page also count as 1 vote each for this entertainer!  Also you can nominate other cam models here.

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